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Hubei Huanggang Zhongyu Industrial Kiln Co., a professional kiln company with national second level qualifications.The company has a history of more than 30 years since its establishment,and its performance has spread to more than 20 provinces and cities in China and some overseas regions.We have designed and constructed hundreds of tunnel kilns,roller kilns,shuttle kilns,and heat treatment furnaces for the electric porcelain industry,refractory materials industry,building materials industry,and special ceramics industry.The company has a strong technical force,with a complete set of technical personnel in various fields.There are more than ten technical personnel in the fields of kiln,automation,machinery,and environmental protection,all of whom have technical titles of engineer or above.They have been fighting on the front line of production for many years and have rich experience in design,construction,and debugging.They can design and build various types of industrial kilns for users.

Zhongyu Industrial Kiln Co., Huanggang City,Hubei Province conscientiously implements various standards in the kiln industry,and checks every stage from design,construction,and debugging.The company adheres to the principle of"quality first,user first"and sincerely serves users.Throughout our production and operation processes,we have always been"honest and down-to-earth".Received unanimous praise from various construction units and users.

We have unique design and construction experience in high-temperature kilns.Since 1994,our company has independently designed and manufactured over thirty high-temperature shuttle kilns and high-temperature tunnel kilns.In terms of shuttle kiln,in 1994,a 4.5m3,1750℃high-temperature shuttle kiln was designed and manufactured for Jiangsu non-metallic chemical machinery factory;In 1995,designed and built one 30m3 and one 1700℃high-temperature shuttle kiln for Hebei Xianghe Amorite Co.,Ltd.and one for Henan Gongyi Qingzhou Group;From 1994 to 2003,we designed and built several high-temperature kilns with a capacity of over 30m3 for Luoyang Refractory Group Co.,Ltd.and Luoyang Haideng Huangge Fine Ceramics Co.,Ltd.As for the introduction of high-temperature kilns for construction,there were more,such as high-temperature tunnel kilns and seed cover kilns from Berkeley Company in the United States,high-temperature shuttle kilns from Westra Company in Germany,Italian shuttle kilns,and high-temperature tunnel kilns from Gaosha Company in Japan.Especially in 1997,we designed and built three shuttle kilns for the"National Testing Center for Refractory Materials"of Luoyang Refractory Materials Research Institute High Resistance Factory,including one 8.6m3 and 1750℃shuttle kiln,and two 10m3 and 1800℃high-temperature shuttle kilns.The kiln design is economically reasonable,with good performance,fast firing speed,and precise temperature control.Since its establishment,it has brought huge economic benefits to the construction party.Received unanimous praise from relevant experts and hospitals from the National Planning Commission and the National Refractory Material Testing Center.

Among them,the paper"Development and Application of 10m3 Fuel Ultra High Temperature(1800℃)Shuttle Kiln"written by Comrade You Xin has been included in the book"Classic Library of Science and Technology Development for the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China".Comrade You Xin himself has been included in the"expert database"of China's kiln industry.

In terms of high-temperature tunnel kilns,we have a lot of construction experience in both domestic and foreign high-temperature kilns.Foreign ones include spark plug fired high-temperature tunnel kilns imported by the American company Beike,and special ceramic fired high-temperature tunnel kilns from the Japanese company Gaosha;In terms of domestic high-temperature tunnel kilns,we have designed and constructed more kilns.In the early days,we constructed multiple high-temperature tunnel kilns for Anshan Jiaonai Institute.In recent years,we have independently designed and constructed them.In recent years,we have designed and built 56.42m high-temperature tunnel kilns for Liaoning Langdi Chemical Co.,Ltd.and 78m high-temperature tunnel kilns for Liaoning Haicheng Meisha Company.We have imitated high-temperature tunnel kilns from Berkeley Company in the United States for Zhuzhou Spark Plug Company,designed and built 62m high-temperature tunnel kilns for Shanxi Quanxin Kaolin Co.,Ltd.,and designed and built 36.8m high-temperature tunnel kilns for Kunshan Fushi,Hunan Meicheng Company has been operating two 41m ultra-high temperature(1750°C)tunnels for nearly three years,while a 90m long ultra-high temperature tunnel kiln for Huaheng Mullite in Huaihua,Hunan has been operating for over a year.The 60m high temperature tunnel kiln for Hunan Jingcheng Special Ceramics was completed in December 2022.The sintering principle of high-grade Ceramic membrane of your company's products is consistent with the firing temperature and atmosphere of our company's high-temperature ceramic ultrahigh temperature tunnel kiln.Therefore,we have rich experience in the design and construction of high-temperature tunnel kilns.For the design and construction of high-temperature tunnel kilns in your company,we will organize capable forces and construction teams to serve your company,striving to create high-quality projects in China's kiln industry!

Zhongyu Kiln Company sincerely looks forward to your attention and cooperation.